FPPT: Law Of Gravity. How Does It Work?

Every time you drop your phone or the last piece of cake on the floor you’re witnessing the force of gravity at work. We’ve all witnessed gravity in action but how often have we taken the time out to wonder how does it all work?

How Does Gravity Work?

Before we answer how gravity works lets think about what it is. It is said that Isaac Newton had an apple drop on his head and he began wondering what was it that caused the apple to fall to the ground rather than float off into the sky. He theorized that there was a force acting upon the apple that caused it to be pulled towards the Earth. He called this force gravity. He defined this force as something that works on all objects while attracting all other objects around it.

It was in his Theory of Universal Gravitation published in the 1680’s that he formulated a theorem for the force. He deduced that this gravitational force must be a subject of mass and distance. It acts across all matter in the universe.

The official theory of Gravitation states that – “Objects will attract each other with a force which relies proportionally on the mass of the two objects and inversely to the square of the distance between them ”

The Formula For The Gravitational Force

Gravitational Force = (G * Mass of object 1 * mass of object 2)/ (distance between the objects)^2

Where G is the gravitational constant as defined by Newton. G has a value of 6.67 * 10E-8Dyne * cm^2/gm^2.

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Can You Create Gravity Around A Certain Object?

In a sense, all objects big or small already have a gravitational force working upon them and their gravitational force is pulling other objects towards it.

Since gravitational force is a subject of mass smaller objects have a smaller gravitational force to pull other objects towards them.

Now if you’re wondering if you can create artificial gravity around a certain object that is theoretically possible. However, such experiments would be near improbable and extremely dangerous and expensive to pull off:

Since gravity is also dependent on the mass of objects it is possible to create artificial gravity around an object by increasing its mass by several thousand multiples. You could do this by rotating it, heating it, or even adding a high electrical charge to it.

However, the energy you could expand to increase the mass-energy of an object by even .01% would be more than that used in the nuclear bombs used in Hiroshima.

Another reason why it isn’t viable to create gravity around an object is that for every ounce of energy you put in, the same amount would be trying to escape the object. Even if you were able to somehow capture the energy into the object, the increase in its gravitational forces would be multifold. You’d be dragged closer to the object with a strong force. Enough to cause grievous harm to your body. You can buy dissertation online to know more about how to create artificial gravity around an object.